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Packing Tips !

Here are a few tips to make your packing a little more efficient.
Get Things in Order

Your move will be easier and smoother if you do a good job of pre-planning. Here are several handy tips to help you get started.

  1. Always create a thorough and complete inventory of what you will be moving to your new address.
  2. Don't forget to photograph or videotape any unique or valuable belongings.
  3. It's also wise to make a note of the serial numbers on your electronic equipment.
What You will Need
Before you can start packing, you'll need to have the following materials:
  1. Strong Boxes.
  2. Wardrobe Boxes with Hanger Bars.
  3. Packing Tape.
  4. Bubble Wrap, Newspaper, Wrapping Paper, and Tissue Paper.
  5. Ziploc Bags.
  6. Magic Markers.

Always wrap your small appliances in ink-less newspaper or towels. For packing, use a small box padded with more newspaper first. For large appliances, be sure to check your owner’s manual, first, to make sure there aren't any special packing instructions listed. Be sure to add lots of packing material in the front and on the sides.

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